High-precision Coordinate Measuring Machine, High-precision Bridge CMM,High accuracy CMM

High-precision Coordinate Measuring Machine, High-precision Bridge CMM,High accuracy CMM

1.Advanced and top machinery
2.Innovative appearance design
3.Unique wire transmission patent technology and the temperature compensation system

Product Details

As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision coordinate measuring machine, high-precision cmm, high-quality cmm, high accuracy cmm, high-quality metrology tools, high-precision bridge-type cmms, it is here waiting for your contact.

Product Overview:

High-precision moving bridge type (Royal) adopted with the advanced and top machinery, innovative appearance design. The transmission system adopts unique patented technology, equipped with perfect control system and temperature compensation system, gives Royal series with excellent performance and potential future upgrade. Widely used in the workshop site design, process, quality control, the accuracy is higher.

Its main characteristic is high accuracy, high efficiency, suitable for most small work-piece detection and reverse.












Royal 9128












Open workbench with large load measurement space, provided the reliable premise safeguard for large work-piece.

Unique wire transmission patent technology and the temperature compensation system, make the system the movement characteristics, stiffness and accuracy are greatly improved.

Combine stability, high precision and high efficiency design to provide users with cost-effective perfect solution

Technical Description

1Finite Element Method (FEM, the Finite Element Method) 

Adopt international advanced Finite Element Method (FEM, the Finite Element Method) is designed, using the mathematical Method of approximate to real physical model were simulated under various working conditions, by optimizing the parameters and the design scheme, makes the model error to the minimum and generate stable solution.

2Overall adopted by air bearing

The whole machine adopts surrounded air bearing structure to ensure the precision of guide in the whole trip.

3Driving system consists of unique patented technology

Wire transmission to ensure the smaller follow error and faster response speed in the process of moving, and greatly improves the dynamic performance of the measuring device, maximum reduces the movement inertia which effects on measurement accuracy. And upgrade the traditional speed motor to special encoder motor.

4Unique patent Damping mechanism

While improve the damping effect, increases the stiffness of the cushioning device, and its structure is simple and reliable, easy to use and with low cost.

5Temperature-compensated system

The whole machine adopted with temperature compensation system, each axis has a temperature sensor, as well as the work-piece and measurement space all have temperature sensor, carry out temperature compensation of measuring process by  temperature acquisition.

6Air counterbalance

Adopted with European advanced pneumatic balance technology, suspension cylinder to avoid the axial motion and the interference between the transmission system, improve the accuracy and long-term stability of the measuring machine.

7Reading system

Using slot RTLC grating and TONIC reading head (its main the feature is the IN - TRAC ™ reference zero, just press button automatic phase modulation, unique).

8Control system

The control system adopts well-known exclusive Europe internationally advanced up-down dual computers control system, which improves the system’s reliability and anti-jamming capacity greatly.

Optional Probe Head:

PH10M/PH10MQ +SP25
Motorized indexing probe head
Five-axis linkage probe head

Scanning probe head
High speed, high accuracy five-axis scanning probe

Selective Accessories:

Anti-vibration Cushion
FixtureModel Change Frame


Certificate of Quality
Calibration CertificateCalibration Certificate

Wooden Cases:

General Type
Water Resistance Type

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