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The Multifunction of Video Measuring Machine

Nano (Xi'an) Metrology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2017

No matter what instrument, as long as we operate, always hope that it can be multifunctional, so, how to realize the multi-function of video measuring machine.

As the two dimensionalvideo measuring instrument control software and tool change device combination of multi-function machine can complete the artifacts in a clamping multistep process, using multiple sensing technology can also achieve for a variety of error detection of the project on the same instrument, which can save the workpiece from one instrument to another.

However, there are many problems that need to be solved

There are some problems that need to be solved by using multi-sensing technology to transform the old image measuring instrument. Although it is quite common to upgrade the single point of the imaging instrument to the scanning trigger head, the video probe head is limited in the video measuring machine.
This is because the video probe is usually much heavier than the trigger head, and the mechanical structure of the old imaging meter can't bear the weight
In addition, use of the video sensor system also requires a special lighting device, which is usually not available on the imaging meter that uses the trigger head

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