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Best coordinate measuring machine upgrade and transformation of YuFeng Group

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Best coordinate measuring machine upgrade and transformation of YuFeng Group

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) enable tolerance testing of increasingly demanding parts. However, the time and effort required to make precise measurements with a CMM (depending on the age and complexity of the CMM) can often become a bottleneck in the production process. By selectively upgrading the CMM and adopting the multi-functional CMM technology, it helps to improve the measurement speed and detection flexibility of the CMM.

   Upgrading of CMM machine

If a CMM is mechanically sound, an economical upgrade is to update its measurement software. Software upgrade is the focus of CMM transformation. Yufeng Precision adopts American Rational DMIS measurement software. The reliability and effectiveness of its algorithms have been certified by authorities, and Rational fully complies with DMIS standards and ISO 22093:2203 international standards. A set of RationalDMIS, a complete solution! Fully support the international popular I++ control protocol, friendly and concise software interface, unique drag-and-drop fast operation, seamless connection with CAD data, 100% graphic visualization from measurement to output report, object-based fast programming, with such a powerful The functionality of 's only requires a standard three-day training course and does not require users to have much expertise. RationalDMIS is a new breakthrough in terms of practicability, intelligence and convenience, and is the most ideal choice for manufacturing and metrology.When upgrading and transforming the CMM, the first issue that must be considered is the mechanical properties of the CMM. To do this, the CMM needs to be checked for condition of use, and if the mechanical parts are in good condition, calibrated and maintain accuracy, then it is suitable for an upgrade. If the mechanical system has been damaged and has lost its accuracy, there is no need to upgrade it.CMM suppliers -NANO

 After completing the software upgrade, the next step is to update the CMM controller. By replacing the new controller, the speed and accuracy of data collection can be significantly improved, and functions such as information collection, random diagnosis and pre-maintenance procedures can also be provided for the CMM.

Updating the probe technology can also significantly improve the performance of the CMM. The standard probe of CMM is a touch-trigger probe. Once its probe touches the workpiece to be measured, it activates a signal switch and records a data point. Many touch-trigger probes, such as touch-scanning probes, maintain contact with the workpiece at the point of touch and provide analog feedback, recording large numbers of data points continuously and rapidly. The combination of new measurement software, controllers and probe technology can greatly increase the inspection speed of the CMM.2

Improvements in sensing technology

Further advancements in sensor technology include the ability to collect dimensional data on a workpiece without touching it. For example, when a laser probe is used for detection, a beam of coherent light is projected onto the surface of the workpiece to be measured, and single-point or multi-point dimensional data can be recorded by analyzing the reflected light signal (just like when a contact scanning probe is used) ). A video sensing system uses a camera and an illumination system to simultaneously record a large number of data points, enabling precise measurement of workpiece edges, as well as recording tiny features that are difficult to detect with touch probes. Non-contact sensors are best suited for measuring the topography of soft, ductile materials and small workpieces. The use of non-contact laser scanning probes can quickly complete large-scale, medium-precision inspection work (such as the inspection of vehicle exterior instrument panel installation dimensions). The new scanning probe can make up for the shortcomings of traditional probe measurement capabilities. The traditional trigger probe can only be used for the size/position measurement of a single point, while the scanning probe has the function of multi-point fast measurement, which is the first choice for workpiece topography measurement.CMM for sale -NANO

    Multi-function of CMM inspection equipment

Just as a multi-function machine tool that combines control software with a tool changer can complete multi-process machining of workpieces in one clamping, CMM using multi-sensing technology can also realize the same instrument on the same instrument. The detection of various error items of the workpiece can save the time and effort of moving the workpiece from one instrument to another to measure the errors separately, and can reduce the possibility of damage to the workpiece during the transfer, loading and unloading process, and measurement errors introduced by multiple clamping are minimized. In order to be able to quickly switch between different sensors during a measurement, without having to stop and recalibrate other sensors before continuing the measurement, it is crucial to integrate the different sensors into the measurement software.

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