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Gauge and cmm's comparison

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Gauge and cmm's comparison

Difference between gauge and cmm machine

Gauge is a tool special produced to control all kinds of mechanical size by industrial production enterprise, which suitable for mass produced products such as auto parts, to replace professional measurement tools such as calipers, plug gauge, position gauge, etc. Can make the following measures: the key features detection, characteristic line detection, functional hole detection, the large deformation area detection during assembly process, prototype assembly, the early stage of the function matching detection and so on. CMM belongs to a kind of high precision measuring tool, almost all of the parts can be measured, including the accuracy of gauge also need the support of CMM. CMM is a kind of widely used measuring instruments, but CMMs are generally not suitable for online measurement. There are some difference below.

1. Cost. One-time investment of gauge is less than that of CMMs, but thinking in the long term, the cost of CMM is lower than the cost of gauge. Gauge measurement need to make models of all the measured objects, cost is very high. And CMM combined with flexible fixture has the advantages of cost in the long term, although the initial investment is larger and has certain daily maintenance cost.

2. Flexible. Gauge is a kind of equipment for parts or assembly of special measurement, most are not flexible. CMM combined with the flexible fixture can measure almost all kinds of parts, flexibility is very good.

3. Measuring convenience. The convenience of gauge is very good, which just need to put the parts in the gauge. CMM combined with flexible fixture which need to fixed parts, establish a coordinate system, program, etc., But for measuring convenience, portable arm machine greatly satisfy the measurement convenience.

4. Accuracy. The accuracy of fixture is generally ±0.15-±0.2mm. If with vernier caliper, the accuracy level is up to ±0.1 mm. CMM accuracy can reach micron level generally.

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