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Guide to teach you to adjust the probe of the CMM

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Guide to teach you to adjust the probe of the CMM

During the calibration, the probe of the coordinate measuring machine will be affected by many factors, such as: dirty stylus, wrong input of stylus length, wrong input of sphere diameter, etc., which will affect the accuracy of the measurement. 

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How to keep the coordinate measuring machine head in normal state?

1.      Maintain the stability of the probe, seat, stylus and sphere.

2.      Keep sphere and probe clean

3.      Make sure the input stylus length and sphere diameter are correct

4.      If different probe positions are to be used, measure the center point coordinates of the sphere to check the accuracy of the verification after correcting all probe positions

5.      If the probe and stylus have been changed, or the measurement accuracy requirements are high, the probe should be re-verified.

6.      The accuracy of correction shall be judged according to the shape error and the corrected diameter and repeatability of the ruby ball

7.      If the part under test has obvious burr or other problems, the repeatability of the measurement will become worse, and the accurate measurement results cannot be given. Therefore, the shape error of the part under test should be taken into account.

8.      In general, the choice of incorrect measurement datum will affect the accuracy of the measurement results, so the correct measurement datum should be selected.

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