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Learn development direction and key technology of reverse engineering

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Learn development direction and key technology of reverse engineering

Overview of reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is also called reverse engineering and reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is based on existing products and materials, digesting and absorbing, reforming and innovating, and improving and optimizing the production process. In the field of machinery industry, it is an important technology for product improvement, innovation and development. The mechanical design and mechanical manufacturing technology of the transmission is designed and processed from scratch through CAD, CAE and CAM, and there is a problem of long design and production cycle. The application of reverse engineering omits part of the design and calculation from scratch and shortens the design cycle. , to a certain extent, improve the production efficiency.

   Reverse engineering is widely used today in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, and mold design.

   Reverse engineering technology requires certain hardware and software conditions, in a certain manufacturing environment, hardware conditions include a variety of measuring machines, measuring probes, molds or CNC machine tools for prototype manufacturing, rapid prototyping machines, injection molding machines, Sheet metal forming machines and other mass production equipment. Software conditions include various point data processing software or modules, CAD/CAM software and CAE software, etc.reverse engineering for sale -Nano

   With the development of related technologies such as sensing technology, control technology, image processing and computer vision, various methods of acquiring geometric data on the surface of objects have emerged. The development of detection equipment provides hardware conditions for the acquisition of product 3D information.

Classification of coordinate measuring machine

   Three-coordinate measurement can be divided into two categories: contact measurement and non-contact measurement. The contact measurement method records the coordinate position of the surface of the sample by sensing the contact between the measuring head and the sample, and can be subdivided into point-triggered and continuous data acquisition methods. For aerospace, automobile and other industries, the measurement of large samples can generally use contact measurement to meet the accuracy requirements. Because the point-triggered measurement in the contact measurement can be planned manually, so that more measurement points can be obtained in areas with large curvature or sharp curvature changes, while fewer points can be measured in relatively flat areas. Combined with the modeling method, artificially plan the area of the object to be measured, and measure the characteristic line and curve grid that play a key role in the shape of the object. The CAD model of the object is reconstructed by grid, which reduces the difficulty and workload of data processing. Its only disadvantage is the low measurement efficiency.

   The non-contact measurement method is mainly based on the basic principles in the fields of optics, acoustics, and magnetism, and converts certain physical analogs into coordinate points on the surface of the sample through appropriate algorithms. For example, the laser ranging method converts the flight time of the laser beam into the distance between the measured point and the reference plane. The non-contact measurement greatly improves the measurement efficiency. Some optical measuring machines can obtain hundreds of thousands of data points in a few seconds, so manual measurement planning can be greatly reduced during the measurement process, and the entire sample surface can be quickly collected. A large number of dense point sets. Due to the simple operation, the non-contact measurement technology represented by the laser ranging method has developed rapidly in the past two years, and its application has become more and more popular. However, the data volume of massive data obtained by non-contact measurement is very large, often hundreds of thousands, millions, or even more. It must be used with strong reverse software and high-performance computer equipment in order to use it smoothly. However, according to Moore's Law, the performance of computer hardware has improved rapidly, and software technology has changed. Optical-based non-contact measurement methods and three-coordinate measurement equipment have been more widely used in reverse engineering.

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