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The Features of Using an Auto Gantry Video Measurer

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The Features of Using an Auto Gantry Video Measurer

The gantry video measuring machine (Super) series is mainly used for large stroke and high precision measurement, and is widely used in PCB,TFT and large sheet metal parts.Efficient, functional and intelligent.The automatic video measuring system is a gantry-type automatic vision measuring machine designed for high precision and large size measurement.Equipped with a movable bridge structure,the workpiece is fixed,which can ensure the measurement accuracy and stability.Widely used in electronic industry,medical equipment,liquid crystal display,aerospace and other industries measurement. 

Common Features:

•  Moving bride structure, workpiece fixed.

•  Four-axis CNC automatic closed-loop control,automatic measurement.

•  "00" grade base and pillar,stable and reliable.

•  Imported open linear grating ruler,resolution 0.1um,high precision and good stability. Auto Vision Measuring Machine

•  Imported H-class linear guide,precision ground ball screw and AC servo motor to ensure stable positioning accuracy of the system.

•  Imported high-definition color industrial cameras to ensure clear observation and stable measurement requirements.

•  6.5X continuous auto zoom lens,precise auto zoom,only need to perform pixel calibration once.

•  Programmable 5-ring 8-grid LED surface lighting,contour-parallel LED lighting,which can intelligently realize 256-level brightness adjustment.

•  Proprietary automatic measurement software iMeasuring 4.1,powerful and easy to operate.

•  Optional probe and laser probe can also be customized according to customer requirements.

•  Optional FexQMS measurement data analysis and real-time monitoring software for enhanced program control and reduced material consumption.

Product Features:

1. Will use the marble bridge type structure,equipment operation without moving work piece,so as to ensure the measuring accuracy and stability.

2. Marble base,high stability and thermal stability.

3. All mouse,handle operation,easy to learn and easy to use.

4. Has points shooting and high precision focus two modes,and is suitable for high precision.

5. Three axis AC servo motor full closed loop control.

6. High precision linear slide rail with preloading ball screw drive,ensure the accuracy of the equipment running.

7. Use SONY high-resolution CCD,guarantee the high quality of testing images.


1. The marble bridge structure will be adopted,and the equipment does not need to move the workpiece to ensure the measurement accuracy and stability.

2. Marble base,high stability and thermal stability.

3. Full mouse,handle operation,easy to learn and use.

4. There are two modes of spot shooting and high-precision focusing,which are suitable for high-precision.

5. Three-axis AC servo motor full closed-loop control.

6. The high-precision linear slide rail is driven by a preloaded ball screw to ensure the running accuracy of the equipment.

7. Using SONY high-resolution CCD to ensure the high quality of the test image.

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