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"Attention, focus" is our consistent service concept
Perfect pre-sales and after-sales management, customer-centric, integrating the strongest service force, in line with meticulous professionalism, in line with the concept of sincerity and cooperation, to build a "win-win" partner-type cooperation system. Sincere cooperation to create the greatest value together.
Service Commitment
'Give 100% effort to serve customers' is our great promise to the customer and their satisfaction is our final aim. As for usage of the equipment and the service quality, we make customer visits to all the customers and provide such services as various technical supports, professional training etc. in time.
Measurement System's Upgrade
We can integrate the most advanced control system with the customer's early CMM, then the entire CMM will be upgraded to the advanced technological level in the world, consequently.the measuring efficiency will be improved and various measurements can be completed. As for customers, high quality service will be realized.
Precision Checking
We check and correct customers' CMM periodically to keep the equipment on high precision and efficiency, which can guarantee accuracy of the measuring results.
Software Customization for Measurement System
The function of the software is refreshed and improved to meet customer requirements to maximize. There are more specialized softwares provided for customer to choose from. Customers can customize their own measuring solutions.
CMM Maintenance
We periodically refresh maintenance solutions in high standards for the customer so as to ensure CMM's reliable movement and extend its service life. Meanwhile, the company provides enough CMM accessories to make a worry free use for the customer.
Technical Training and Exchange
Customers can customize special training courses according to their needs. Moreover, we answer their technical questions. In this way, customers can master the measuring technique and measuring efficiency can be improved. Technical support engineers supply technical services and communicate with the customer. As a result, their ability to solve technical problems will be improved.
Special Fixture Customization
YUFENG Provides customers with various flexible-functioned fixtures so as to simplify measuring process and improve measuring efficiency and accuracy.
Online Technical Service
The Company provides customers with quick online service, which can save their time and money. Technical support, software upgrade and technique training can be online synchronized at YUFENG website
Site Service
Customer service engineers provide site service the first time around. 
You will experience YUFENG'S high-quality and considerate service.
we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.
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