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Aerospace Measuring System Solution

The core of modern geometrical measuring technology is coordinate measuring technology which is also the important sign of precision manufacture and measurement level of a country. With the development of industrial modernization, advanced digital technology has been widely used in the many aspects of aerospace industry. Digital measurement will be a must of digital design, manufacture and assemble.

Video Measuring Machine price - NANO

Auto Industry Measuring System Solution

CMM is the 3D measuring system used to catch the surface points of work-pieces through relative motion of the probe head and work-pieces. Put the work-pieces into the measuring space of CMM,getting the coordinate value of catching points through contacting or non-contacting probing system then calculating the space coordinate value of these points in software to get the require geometric dimension,form and position. Because of high accuracy,high efficiency and universal features,CMM is treated as the perfect solution for the geometric measurement and quality control of the auto parts. The main features of the auto parts are higher quality requirements,large batch and different shapes. According to the type of the measuring parts,we sorted the parts to box type,complex form type and curve line &surface type. In order to satisfy the different measuring requirements for these different types,we need to select different main machine,probe head system and software system.

Video Measuring Machine price - NANO

Mould & Gauge industry Measuring System Solution

CMM is widely used in module industry. It is not only a modern intelligent tool of development, inspection and statistic analysis, but also the incomparable tool to ensure the quality of modules. Because of the high accuracy, high flexibility and perfect digital capacity features ,it is considered as the important tool in design, development, manufacture and quality control of modern manufacturing industry especially the module industry. First, CMM is the best choice for module manufacturing companies to guarantee the quality. The CMM is used in IQC, QC, gauge inspection, and mould inspection. Second, CMM is a ideal digital tool because of its excellent reverseengineer ability. CMM can get the 3D data and geometric features of the surface of work-pieces by different combinations of probe head and CMM, which plays an important part in the module design, sample copy and module repair.

Video Measuring Machine price - NANO

Precision Manufacture Measuring System Solution

CMM is widely used in the precision mechanical manufacture industry.CMM is mainly for contacting measurement and execute the measuring program automatically. The measuring system is with high stability which can efficient complete the universal inspection.Improve the inspection efficiency greatly, ensure the measuring accuracy and stability,Can replace the microscope and projector, due to systematic analysis and automatic inspection features.

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