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Structured-light 3D scanner Application

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Structured-light 3D scanner Application


Industrial Optical Metrology System (ATOS) utilizes structured light technology for highly accurate and scalable measurements. These systems feature self-monitoring for calibration status, conversion accuracy, environmental changes and part movement to ensure high-quality measurement data.Google Project Tango SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) uses depth techniques including structured light, time-of-flight and stereo.Time-of-flight requires the use of an infrared (IR) projector and IR sensor; the stereo does not.3D scanners from MainAxis srl use advanced patented technology for full color 3D scanning with acquisition times of a few microseconds for medical and other applications.

3D scanner

A technology from PrimeSense, used in earlier versions of the Microsoft Kinect, that uses projected patterns of infrared dots to generate dense 3D images.(Later, the Microsoft Kinect switched to a time-of-flight camera instead of structured light.)·The structure sensor uses a pattern of projected infrared dots, calibrated to minimize distortion to generate a dense 3D image.

  • Structure Core uses stereo cameras to match random patterns of projected infrared dots to generate dense 3D images.

  • The Intel RealSense camera projects a series of infrared patterns to obtain 3D structures.

  • The Face ID system works by projecting over 30,000 infrared points onto the face and generating a 3D facial map.

  • The VicoVR sensor uses infrared point patterns for skeletal tracking.

  • Chiaro Technologies uses a single engineered infrared point pattern called Symbolic Light to stream 3D point clouds for industrial applications

  • Tailor-made fashion retail

  • 3D Automated Optical Inspection

  • Precise shape measurement for production control (eg turbine blades)

  • Reverse engineering (accurate CAD data from existing objects)

  • Volume measurement (eg combustion chamber volume in engines)

  • Classification of abrasive materials and tools

  • Precision structural measurements of the ground

  • Radius determination of cutting tool inserts

  • Accurate measurement of flatness

  • Documenting cultural heritage objects

  • Capture environments for augmented reality games

  • Skin surface measurement for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

  • Body measurements

  • Forensic examination

  • Pavement structure and roughness

  • Wrinkle measurement of cloth and leather

  • Structured illumination microscopy

  • Solar cell shape measurement

  • 3D vision system enables DHL's e-fulfillment robot.

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