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Autocollimator and Laser analyzing

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Autocollimator and Laser analyzing

An autocollimator is an optical instrument for non-contact angle measurement.They are commonly used to align components and measure deflection in optical or mechanical systems.Autocollimators work by projecting an image onto an objective mirror and then measuring the deflection of the returned image relative to a scale, either visually or electronically.Visual autocollimators can measure angles as small as 1 arcsecond (4.85 microradians), while electronic autocollimators can achieve up to 100X resolution.Vision autocollimators are commonly used to align laser rod ends and to check the face parallelism of optical windows and wedges. Electronic and digital autocollimators are used as angular measurement standards for monitoring angular motion over long periods of time and for checking angular position repeatability in mechanical systems.Servo Autocollimators are specialized compact electronic autocollimators for high speed servo feedback loops in stabilized stage applications.Electronic autocollimators are usually calibrated to read the actual mirror angle.

Electronic autocollimatorAutocollimator

An electronic autocollimator is a high-precision angle measuring instrument that measures angle deviations electronically, with an accuracy of fractions of an arc second, without the need for optical eyepieces.Measurements using an electronic autocollimator are fast, easy, accurate and often the most cost-effective procedure.These highly sensitive instruments are used worldwide in workshops, tool rooms, inspection departments and quality control laboratories to measure extremely small angular displacements, squareness, twist and parallelism.

Laser analysis autocollimator

Today, a new technique allows the improvement of the autocollimation instrument to allow the direct measurement of the incident laser beam.This new capability opens the door to mutual alignment between optics, mirrors and lasers.This technological fusion of century-old autocollimation technology and the latest laser technology provides a very versatile instrument capable of measuring mutual alignment between multiple lines of sight, laser relative to mechanical fiducials, laser cavity alignment,Measurement of parallelism of multiple rolls in roll-to-roll machinery, laser divergence angle and its spatial stability and many more mutual alignment applications.

Total station autocollimator

The concept of autocollimation as an optical instrument was conceived about a century ago for non-contact angle measurement.The hybrid technique addresses alignment and measurement needs for optics and lasers recently developed by novel photonics applications.Implementing motorized focusing provides an additional dimension of measurement by focusing on the area to be inspected and performing alignment and misalignment at the micron scale.This is relevant for the tuning phase of the integrated system and the final testing and inspection phase.Recent progress has been made to serve the photonics AR/VR industry, involving the development of interactions, fusing multiple wavelengths including NIR into one system, and measuring multi-laser arrays (such as VCSELs) in relation to other optical sensors to improve angularly precise optical measurements to a resolution of 0.01 arcseconds.

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