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VARIOUS Series Products

VARIOUS series products are designed for glass thickness, flatness, and warpage measurement. The whole machine adopts an open structure to provide an open measurement space. The optical measurement system performs non-contact measurement on the surface of the product to be measured.
  • Various 152005 Various 152005 Various 172005


Cmm Scanning Machine Equipment Parameter

Warping Degree(mm): 0.015

Thickness(μm): 0.2

Parallelism(μm): 0.5

Recommended Probe System:

1. World famous brand controller and measuring system to guarantee the high measuring efficiency.

2. Open-type structure can provide wide measuring space.

3. Three axes are all installed movement protecting device to guarantee the measuring safety and reliability.

4. Three axes are all installed DC servo motor and the tooth shape synchronous belt driving system to guarantee the movement stability and positioning accuracy.

5. Customerization specs to meet the different measuring requirements;Non-contacting measurement on the surfaces of work-pieces to finish the features measurement by optic measuring system.

6. Efficient measuring ability to finish the most complicated measurement in the shortest time

7. Application of 21 items machinery geometry compensation technology to improve precision and stability greatly.

8. Adoption of  F.E.M. (finite element method) and optimized design to ensure the stable and reliable deformation resistance ability.

9. Special groove design on the work table can lead to perfect measurement of glasses.


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