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Small Ultra High Precision Metrology CMM

A new generation of ultra-high-precision measurement platform, new industrial appearance and ergonomic design, using ANSYS finite element algorithm to redesign and optimize the structure. The introduction of new materials and the use of nanometer-level measurement benchmarks is only to improve the accuracy of measurement. Hardware standards have been further improved. From R&D design to material selection and processing, every link is the most stringent quality standard, just to pursue the limit of hardware precision. High-precision position loop encoder, only to improve the response capability of the system. The new measurement software and measurement configuration, diversified and easy-to-control convenient operation, rich interfaces, and interactive and friendly human-machine interface form a seamless connection with the control and sensor systems, making measurement tasks simple and fun. The indication error of 0.65um and the repeatability of 0.27um provide reliable data support for the user's quality inspection process.

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