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Roughness Measuring Machine

The all-in-one roughness and contour measuring machine is a precision measuring all-in-one machine independently developed by the company. It has the powerful function of analyzing and measuring the contour shape and surface roughness, and realizes the precise measurement of the three elements of size, shape and roughness.

Roughness profile measuring machine

The roughness profile measuring instrument is a precision measuring integrated machine developed by Yufeng Precision Co., Ltd. It has the powerful function of measuring the contour shape and its surface roughness, and has the powerful function of analyzing and measuring the shape and surface roughness. Accurate measurement of size, shape and roughness is achieved. It is used to measure the parameters of surface micro-geometry of mechanical parts such as straightness, inclination angle, angle treatment, roundness treatment, double groove treatment and double arc treatment of various parts. Imported fan-shaped grating is used to collect data, with large measurement range, high precision, strong reliability and good stability. The overall system is easy to assemble and operate, and the user only needs to start the machine - put in the sample - test - output the result. The measurement efficiency is high, and the equipment can run continuously for more than 200 hours.


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