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MH20i Manual Indexing Probe Head


lRENISHAW MH20I Manual Double Rotation Indexing Probe Holder

²Features: Manual dual-rotation probe base, which can rotate at any angle in 15° steps in space; equipped with M8 probe interface, which can provide conversion between trigger probes.

²Technical parameters:

Rotation and locking Manual two-axis locking, clockwise to lock, counter-clockwise to loosen

Weight 210g (7.4 oz)

Interface TP20

Indexing angle A 0°~90°, 15° step

B angle 0°~±180°, 15° step

Head status 1 LED indicator

Maximum load EM2 (94.5mm) module

MH20i manual probe features and benefits:

  • Enhanced inspection capability from adjustable probe orientation with 168 repeatable index positions set at 15° increments

  • Repeatable TP20 stylus module changing in each pre-qualified position without the need for re-qualification significantly enhances productivity

  • TP20 compatibility, providing a wide range of force and length options to optimise machine performance and access capability

  • Easy-to-read scales allow rapid re-orientation



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