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REVO Super-speed&Precision Five-axis Scanning Probe Head


REVO-2 is a new upgrade product which is a revolutionary multi-sensor for coordinate measuring machine five axis measurement. REVO-2 and the new CMM controller UCC S5 are in draw lessons from successful REVO multi-sensor system, which has the stronger power and communication ability and can be used together with RVP image probe and other latest REVO sensors.

 advanced trigger scanning probe five-axis fast scanning probe

REVO-2 is adopted with the optimization of hard spherical air bearing technology in its two rotors axis, which can provide a rigid measurement platform. Two axis is driven by the most advanced brushless motor, the resolution of the encoder is changed from the original 0.08 seconds to 0.002 seconds. When it is added 100 mm long needle, the positioning resolution can reach to 0.001 um, which is nearly 40 times than the generation technologies.

Renishaw put forward new image head (RVP), which can be used together with REVO. RVP adds the functions such as trigger, fast contact scanning and surface roughness measurement on the base of non-contact detection to enhance the functions of REVO multi-sensor.


REVO® is a revolutionary measuring head and multisensor probe system. Every process and feature in a REVO® system has been designed to enable users to achieve previously unobtainable levels of inspection.

REVO Probe


a. Measure faster: up to 50 times faster surface speed than 3-axis scanning

b. Measure more points: 4000 points per second acquisition rate

c. Measure more features: infinite positioning for unparalleled flexibility

d. Measure surface finish: passive C-axis rotation for maximised feature access

e. Measure more accurately: with the REVO® tip-sensing probe

revo probe configuration


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