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SP80 Scanning Probe Head


SP80 probe body 


The sensor mechanism comprises an arrangement of three sets of parallel springs, one for each body axis, set in a cube - hence the body shape. The motion of the stylus is coupled to a ‘moving cube’ holding graduated reflective scales - again one for each axis. The readheads are mounted on the wall of the probe and the light projected from them is reflected from the moving scales. This method of motion detection does not require any form of moving wire connection. Interface options Interfacing the SP80 to a CMM can be achieved by: • Using an SP80 daughtercard for direct UCC1 or UCC2 integration • Using a Renishaw PCI counter card (CC6) and the Renishaw interpolator unit IU80 • Using interface cards designed by the machine builder and used in conjunction with an IU80 • Using a countercard and interpolator unit designed by the machine builder The IU80 conditions the probe signal to provide a digital industry standard EIA RS422 quadrature scale output, which can be accepted by CMM controllers.

SP80 features and benefits: 

• Ultra-high accuracy measurement, provided by digital scale and readheads • Long styli carrying capability for access to deep features • Isolated optical metrology for direct accurate measurement of stylus deflection • Kinematic stylus changing for system flexibility • Low inertia mechanism for excellent dynamic response • Bump-stop crash protection in the Z axis, together with a detachable stylus holder for XY crash protection • No motors, therefore improved thermal stability and reliability.



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